Digital transmutations of slow circle drawings prepared for online research discussion Thursday 7th March 2019






Many thanks to those who sent me their drawings.

Above are some digital transmutations from Slow Circle line drawings collected from my onliner peers.

I devised Slow Circle as a way of looking at new poetic possibility within the simple element of line. In Slow Circle, line is generated from zero at a single point of origin. The line is continuously generated “feeling” its way ahead along a predetermined course. It moves towards its inevitable conclusion, where it began.  No two circles can ever be exactly the same, each an individual.

Some thoughts:

How might something so fundamental as generating a single line from zero by hand with no tools other than a pencil and single sheet of paper be a stimulus for new thinking ab origine “from the beginning”.

What relevance might this have in our world now saturated with already-highly-complex imagery?


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