Why it Exists at All

Painting (oil on aluminium 125 x 127 cm) followed by free writing, WHY IT EXISTS AT ALL.




Suspended between infinity and nothingness


An appearance not by degrees


A large body of matter with no definite shape


Developing in compactness


Located out of the normal position


Endowed with an encircling limb


Inhabited first by three cells


Solved by dissolving


Still bearing traces of an earlier life


It is altered


Poured into from below


Beautiful writing




Words refused infuse instead


Plural tries and dissolutions


Make way for forms of the fresh


And are incorporated into the flesh


For the first time again


An impressed feeling formed


Without conscious thought


Lays down distilling itself


A concatenation emerges


Moves out and away


A wandering of wonderings


Concerning how something happens


And therefore why it exists at all


Eventually circumscribing the planet


Telling the tale within its own creation