Intensive research has had to be put into the procurement of a camera to replace the one which literally was run over by a lorry on the way down to the London residency. Tragic but true – our car is a Citroen Berlingo Multispace van-like car, which runs on lpg gas and as such is a little gem which we shall keep going indefinitely. The back just popped open on a roundabout at Newark and a DPD lorry decided that the most convenient thing to do was run over the bag which dropped out and which contained our camera along with other important items. We chased the lorry as the bag was caught up in his wheels – we could see it and then it just split open and the items were scattered across the very main road, with lorries overtaking. I sat on the car horn blaring out danger as Alexis had to try and retrieve the destroyed items. It was horrible. DPD didn’t want to help us out…of course, they didn’t but at least we tried appealing to their better nature.

Well, anyway, a camera is a very expensive item to have to replace and no insurance to call on in the circumstances.

The new painting is smaller than the usual size as I have just a pocket camera to photo it – my trusty one, the one that changed my life when I started to look at the paintings on screen some years ago. I think I have talked about that in my blog a while ago.

This painting, as with all is throwing up some new questions about itself. This is the nature of how I understand the relationship between us; it and myself. I resume work on it today, as it was left yesterday. I like it very much and as usual am in love with it as it is but I know it is not finished. Let’s see how it goes today. I have only myself for answers as to the way ahead, in this situation.

Note to self: I have been in this situation a thousand times and it is always like the first. I have to fully face up to the painting to be able to take it forward

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