Pictopoiesis and Artificial Intelligence

Reading this article, I am wondering if a program for pictopoietic thinking could ever be conceived, perhaps hypothetically. The thing is, pictopoietic thinking is living thinking, and a computer is not alive. Meanwhile, I shall carry on trying to explicate pictopoiesis and its elements as best I can.

Today, in and out of the studio. The days are getting a little longer and brighter already. I have a huge resource of items that I have acquired at car boot sales or otherwise, which have caught my attention for various reasons. One reason has been how things that represent a great deal of expert making in themselves are cast aside, become worthless when they fall out of use. To me, these things hold much meaning and they are often made in materials which in themselves are meaningful, for example, wooden tools carefully made for joinery work, I had the idea to collect these items and without altering them at all make them into totemic anthropomorphic sculptural assemblages.  Below, some images of these pieces:

note to self: Set up framework/loom to make fabric/weave/membrane/treatise/system – taking up the line/traverse element (pictopoiesis/practopoiesis)

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