Poiesis into Practice



The short 1.57 min video above; Pictopoiesis – Your Own Meaning (Mind Mirror) is a key work underpinning Poiesis into Practice – a trajectory/project I am wanting to develop for exhibition in 2019. The project involves setting up a mixed reality installation by means of Microsoft HoloLens technology. In the installation the viewer will be able to wander through the internal anatomy of a painting and experience the layers of its making on their own terms, through holographs laid out in sequence; this in conjunction with the painting itself. It is anticipated that new and surprising outcomes will emerge for all concerned, artist and audience. The video gives an idea of both the (invisible) layered thought and the (visible) physical layers which have gone into making a painting, by a process I term pictopoiesis (picture/painting making).

The above is all in ongoing development for MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell UAL

For website showing earlier works please see: http://www.janetwaring.com/images.html

and an online presence in the form of a collaboration with American Poet Nicholas Gulig: http://www.likestarlings.com/poems/nick-gulig-janet-waring/